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Bailey of Sheffield’s ambition is to create a global lifestyle brand. Its entry products are pieces of jewellery engineered to last for more than a lifetime. That doesn’t just mean durable high calibre materials or timeless design - it’s about understated pieces that adapt with the customer and their changing style. The CABLE™ Bracelet is the launch product - a customisable stainless steel bracelet available in a range of PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coatings, colours and finishes.

The brand is driven by a strong desire to bring to market handmade British jewellery of exceptional quality utilising suppliers from Sheffield and the wider Yorkshire region as much as possible. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, with no degradation. It is estimated that about 80% of stainless steels are recycled. Taking into account its recyclability, long life, low maintenance and product safety, the emissions from the production and use of stainless steels are minimal when compared to any other alternative material.

Men today are investing more time in their appearance, caring how they look and what they wear regardless of age. The male grooming market is worth worldwide $21.4 USD billion (The Independent, January 2016) with the UK being part of the Top 10 boom markets.  The stunning CABLE™ bracelet is hand-built in Bailey’s Sheffield workshop situated at Portland Works, the birthplace of stainless steel manufacturing. It is formed using a 4mm marine grade 316L Stainless Steel cable, and is beautifully connected by a patent pending, precision engineered, unique five part clasp.

From the outset customisation was an essential design feature of the CABLE™. By allowing the customer to choose their own cables, clasps and beads, each CABLE™ bracelet is fully customisable should they choose. The original stainless steel version of the CABLE™ bracelet retails for £179.99. Customised bracelets using a mix of stainless steel PVD coatings and finishes retail for £249.99. Each of the six stainless steel beads in the range retails for £30.00, the PVD version of the same bead retails for £40.00. The Pendant Converter retails for £65.00.

Bailey of Sheffield is already considered a refreshing offer in a currently stagnated market. The cutting edge product range is specifically designed to be masculine with unisex appeal. It is pioneering, and is being constantly updated and, whilst considered on trend, they are creating pieces that they consider to be timeless and thus provide longevity to the business model. Since its launch, key figures in both the UK and US jewellery industry have referenced the potential for the brand to fill the void that has been left behind since the rise of Pandora - Bailey of Sheffield offer the same ‘easy repeat purchase’ as Pandora.

The Company is currently turning over £10,000 per month online which is increasing monthly. They currently trade on ‘Not On The High Street’ (NOTHS) and have been accepted on the Amazon Launchpad platform and the Best of Britannia and JewelStreet websites. Current  Management are constantly developing opportunities across various sales channels - Bailey of Sheffield launched in House of Fraser on 1st September across 5 stores, has opened in 2 department stores in Jersey, one in Bournemouth and the Chesterfield & Sheffield branches of Green & Benz Jewellers. In addition, the US earliest adopters of the Pandora brand really like the brand and products and are working with the Company to develop a B2B network of distributors and agents in the US aiming to launch the Bailey of Sheffield range initially into Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont. The Company is also in advanced discussions to launch into Canada.

Management’s ambition is to develop a global lifestyle brand framed around quality, provenance of materials, exceptional customer service and innovative design. Investment of £250,000 is now sought to launch an effective marketing campaign including Social Media and Online advertising, extend its UK retail network and overseas distributor/agent network, provide stock for distributors/agents/retailers and grow the Stainless Steel lifestyle brand. This is a potential opportunity to invest at the early stages of an interesting business in a massive growth market. Participation is available to suitable investors and the exit strategy is via a trade sale.




gasfill Limited is seeking investment of £500,000 to support the commercialisation of their natural gas vehicle refuelling appliance (VRA).

The use of compressed natural gas (CNG) as a road fuel is a well-established vehicle technology with over 20 million CNG vehicles worldwide on the road today and the market growing by 10% per annum. As well as the key customer driver of lower fuel costs, use of CNG brings many benefits in terms of better air quality in cities resulting from cleaner vehicle emissions – lower NOx and no particulates – and also a reduced carbon footprint, which can be over 70% lower than other fuels if renewable natural gas (biomethane) is used as the source.

The use of CNG also addresses the issues surrounding the world’s air quality/pollution dilemma with existing original equipment manufacturer vehicles in all transport sectors, i.e. cars, light commercials, buses and heavy goods vehicles, unlike electric vehicles. There is significant commitment to CNG in many countries as a future long term, environmentally viable, fuel type. For example VW recently signed a joint declaration with the major gas companies to boost tenfold the number of CNG vehicles in Germany by 2025.

However the growth of the market in many countries is constrained by the rate of roll out of large, expensive public access fast fill stations.

The gasfill VRA addresses this issue by providing an affordable refuelling appliance that can be installed at private premises, both domestic and commercial, thereby allowing a decentralised network of fuelling points to be established in cities, towns and villages.

gasfill’s patented technology (patents granted in UK, Europe, USA) is the result of over £2 million of investment and ten years of engineering development by the company’s engineers who have a long history in the high precision engineering, compressor and gases industries. gasfill has already sold its product in the market in small quantities, both in single units and in mini fast-fill configurations, and has over 25,000 hours of operating history. The technology is scalable and has been used to compress other industrial gases, such as nitrogen and dry air and this may present other licensing opportunities

gasfill has designed, engineered and lifetime tested their VRA which can run off the normal gas and electricity supply to a property and believes its product to have significant advantages over the handful of competitor technologies, both in performance, design life, through-life cost, operation and market readiness. In particular, gasfill’s VRA is designed to be almost maintenance free for five years (4,000 hours) and has a full design life of 15 years on the basis of a simple compressor replacement done each subsequent five years (or 4,000 hours).

gasfill is now at the start of commercialising the technology with the initial focus markets being the UK, Europe and the USA. Demonstration units have already been installed at a biomethane site in the UK and a compressor manufacturer in Germany, with a further unit to be installed in a car manufacturer in Spain shortly. Discussions in the USA are linked to a possible licensing deal. These relationships are seen as providing the initial routes to market for the product in the various territories.

To accelerate the commercialisation of the VRA over the next 2 years, investment of £500,000 in exchange for equity is now being sought. This investment will be used to provide sales and marketing personnel and technical support personnel for demonstration units, cover the costs of any in country accreditations and provide working capital for the manufacture of small batches of VRA’s.

Based on the success of the commercialisation programme the plan is to sell the business within the next two years to provide an exit for shareholders.



Moneyglass Films combine commercial experience and creativity with an imaginative and effective approach to film funding. Their latest project ‘Fighting For A City’ is the story of the charismatic and articulate Leeds based World Title chasing featherweight boxer Josh Warrington.

Moneyglass Films aim is always to make films that whilst they may be based on sport, can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of whether they have ever heard of the subject or watched the sport concerned. The Company achieved this with its last film, Being AP - a unique sports documentary about the jockey AP McCoy which achieved considerable creative and commercial success. In allowing Moneyglass access to what proved to be his final season, the man who is arguably the United Kingdom’s greatest ever sportsman has delivered a compelling story (selection for Toronto International Film Festival combined with a sale to Netflix for the ROW provide validation) and the same principles will be followed with the current project, ‘Fighting For A City’.

Fighting For A City is the story of the charismatic and articulate Josh Warrington, a 26 year old featherweight boxer from Leeds. He is now ready for a shot at a World Title and likely opponents are current IBF World Champion, Lee Selby or former champ, Carl Frampton - either delivers a massive all UK showdown. The film follows Josh as he pursues his dream; to win a world title at Elland Road, the home of his adored Leeds United.

Boxing has a primal fascination that for good or bad has endured and is now more popular than ever.  At the heart of Fighting For A City is a relationship between a father and his son and the sacrifice that goes into training, the machinations with promoters to get two fighters into the ring, and the pressure on one young man carrying a city’s expectations on his shoulders.  And win or lose that night, there will be amazing emotion and drama as so many hopes and dreams are realised. Or not. Fighting For A City is film for everyone. There will be no need to understand or even like boxing as the themes are universal and the drama is intense and unpredictable. This is a story packed full of characters with huge potential to appeal to a world audience and Moneyglass has the team in place to deliver it.

Moneyglass Films has successfully mixed private and public funding to finance its films and aims to repeat that model with Fighting For A City. The current estimated budget to delivery is £580,000 including development and pre-production. ‘Being AP’ provided invaluable experience of how to reach and energise a sports based market and also what is required to break a sports based documentary out of its core niche and take it to a wider audience.

The funding strategy is based on strong private investment and SEIS and EIS are in place. Currently, £252,500 has been raised and in addition the film has been certified as a British Film hence qualifying for a UK Tax Credit of circa £120,000. Screen Yorkshire has committed to cash-flow this as the production proceeds which is an important demonstration of support from a well-regarded industry body.

Discussions are ongoing with UK distributors and UK broadcasters regarding a pre-sale and dialogue is also underway with BT Sport who have invested heavily in boxing. A post-production deal will also be negotiated that includes a contribution to the production budget. Fighting For A City will have a healthy digital life. The Video and Streaming on Demand platforms (primarily Netflix and Amazon) like sports documentaries and the Company already has a good relationship with Netflix through their acquisition of Being AP which had its UK TV premiere on BBC2 and has also sold very well on I Tunes in the UK and Ireland and is about to be released in the USA.

Investors are now sought to fund the balance of the budget. All the targets are realistic, achievable and researched and the Company has the necessary relationships and contacts in place in order to take the film to screen




RefStuff Ltd has launched a new and ever increasing range of innovative sporting products designed to assist with the refereeing, scoring and management of matches aimed at Referees, Teachers and Sports Coaches around the world. Its latest product, the Patent Pending RefScorer Digital is an absolute game changer for refereeing and digital sports watches. It has all the usual timekeeping functions you would expect on a referee or sports watch but its USP is that it records the score of the game and the colour of the team shirts.

The main purpose and vision of the RefStuff brand is to create a world leading brand and to revolutionise the way sporting matches are refereed and in particular to enhance and improve the management of the matches and how they are scored. Currently there are over 5 million registered football referees on the FIFA database worldwide. In addition, referees and umpires of many other sports plus teachers and sports coaches total a potential customer sales base well in excess of 50 million.

RefStuff’s inaugural product, the RefScorer, is a hand held device that records the score of the game, whilst even serving as a reminder of the teams colours too, ensuring that the referee will not need to go into their pocket again unless cautioning or dismissing a player.

RefStuff Ltd is already trading and has self-funded the journey so far. RefScorer and RefSgloves are currently on sale in over 15 countries with over 10 major suppliers. The third product; RefSwallet is near to launch and their fourth, RefSgame is currently in prototype development.

The Company is now seeking investment of £100,000 to develop and distribute the game changing RefScorer Digital Watch in return for an attractive equity deal with suitable investors. SEIS advance assurance has been obtained from HMRC.

RefStuff Ltd does not anticipate any further funding after this first round and financial forecasts indicate that the company is rapidly cash positive. Conservative forecasts indicate profit within their first full year despite having one off exceptional costs for development and further research of £32,500 and professional fees for patents of £15,000. Total revenues and pre-tax profits over the 5 years are forecast at £4.9m and £2.8m respectively. The anticipated value of the company at exit is estimated to be in excess of £10m based upon 7 x EBIT or 4.6 x revenues.

Due to the unique nature of this product and its global potential, assessing exits from similar companies is difficult to predict although as niche sports products are frequently purchased by major sports brands such as Nike and Adidas. It is anticipated that RefStuff Ltd will be acquired by one of the major sports manufacturers who currently provide referee and sports kit.


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