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Gone For Good



Gone for Good, a commercial, profit-focused business that encourages re-use and recycling by helping people donate unwanted goods to charity.

There are around 11,000 charity shops in the UK selling second hand goods. Between them they make 7 million collections of goods from people’s homes each year, using a mixture of own vehicles and “white van men” 

There’s around 30 billion pounds of unworn clothing in wardrobes across the UK.  And we spend nearly half a billion pounds a year on self-storage - mainly household items no longer needed.

But the charity collection services is problematic:-

•    Donors struggle to find charities that will collect 
•    And the ones that do collect are not professional. 

Gone for Good set out in 2016 to tackle the problem, by launching the Gone for Good app to connect donors of goods with charities that would collect their items for free. 

On many levels the App has been a huge success:

•    Over 60,000 app downloads
•    Over 20,000 donation offers
•    £1 million raised for good causes.

The app was recognised as being named one of “The Best of 2017” apps by Apple itself.

Building on the success of the App, Gone For Good plan to launch a pan-charity collection service, using their own vehicles, in towns and cities across the UK. 

By servicing multiple charities, they can maximise utilisation of the vehicles in a way charities can’t on their own.

Gone For Good will have a tech platform that will both allow “ DPD -level” service and tracking for donors, and further maximise efficiencies.

The service will be cheaper to charities – at just over £20 -  than they currently pay per collection. 

On-Van tablets and barcode label printers, coupled with “sign-on-glass” Gift Aiding, means much of the cost to charities will be offset by higher Gift Aid income. So, it will be an added incentive for charities, many of whom struggle with managing collections.

Gone For Good have  well-established relationships with Charities. Their partners have nearly 5,000 shops - over 40% of all the charity shops in the UK. Half of these don’t currently have collection capability - so the service is scaleable.

Gone For Good will launch in London where donations via the app are higher. The initial plan is start with up to 20 Vans, with 8 major charities (including Cancer Research UK, Barnardos, Shelter and the YMCA). That small presence alone should generate over £2m of sales annually.

There is scope for up to 500 vans nationally, which would give Gone For Good around a quarter of the market. With each Van forecast to generate c £25k of annual contribution, Profit potential is well over £10 million, off sales of £50m.

The team have many years of experience in logistics, sales and technology. The MD of the Van business is an ex-Army Major, with 20+ years of logistics experience. Gone For Good intend to staff the vans using ex-service men and women.


Gone For Good are looking to raise £250k to fund the initial work and London roll-out. 

This an opportunity for investors to be involved with something that:-

•    Has the potential to be a household name, 
•    Can potentially raise up to £3m a week for good causes
•    Make a huge positive impact on encouraging re-use and re-cycling


Most Wanted



Background: The fashion industry has based its ready-to-wear designs on the iconic hourglass female shape and used size 8 models for its NPD fittings and marketing, catering for just 20% of women

Problem: Creating unrealistic fit and body image expectations, this leaves the remaining 80% with the impossible task of looking and feeling good in clothes that, by design, will press, dig, squeeze and cut into their bodies creating rolls and bulges in the wrong places unnecessarily, leading women to believe, erroneously, that they are fat and a failure - Not realising that the problem is not them, but the mis-fitting clothes they wear

Solution: Range of womenswear focussing on solving women’s silhouette problems one by one. Starting with the single, most dreaded problem women experience: the ‘muffin-top’. Solved with a revolutionary design of trousers (unique mechanism), designed to follow the contour of the body and not push against it

USP: Industry disruptor brand, turning garment technology on its head with a revolutionary design approach that will propel Most Wanted™ as the iconic go-to brand, achieving cult status

Route to market: Sold direct to consumer through own website and pop-ups from year 1, adding wholesale & distributors from year 4. Lean and flexible operating model, designed for minimal inventory and rapid response to customer demand Size of market: There are 17.5 million women over the age of 30 in the UK alone, 36% are overweight

Marketing: Mixture of on/off line - social media, influencers, traditional media, PR, pop-up shops. The perfect launchpad for MostWanted™’s head-turning USP and its advocacy channel

Growth story: maintain customer loyalty and grow market penetration by remaining first and best, with the gradual introduction of additional solutions for the ‘muffin-top’ and other style problems already in the pipeline.

Manufacturing: Made by a highly skilled small factory in England, the manufacturing process will be part of the brand story, conveying the quality, craftsmanship, slow fashion, locally made and personalised customer relationship at the core of Most Wanted’s ethos

Brand Mission: To empower women to look and feel their best through innovation in product design and advocacy.

1. Product fully designed, fully tested, prototyped and validated.
2. Business case fully researched, presenting a compelling point of difference in a crowded market place
3. Identified as 1 of 3 Europe-wide ‘exemplary start-ups’ by the EU’s 2020 Program Textile & Clothing Business Lab
4. Disrupting the sector with genuine ‘wipe-the-slate-clean’ innovation
5. Customer’s problem we are solving is hailed as ‘the holly grail of fashion’
6. Meets a widespread need (17.5million women over the age of 30 in the uk alone, 36% overweight)
7. Ethos fully aligned with consumer trends:

• Against disposable fashion
• Designed for size & body shape inclusion
• Frees women from the tyranny of the search for the perfect trousers
• British made
• Advocate for industry transparency, increased consumer education & savviness
• Democratising style and the ‘feel good about yourself’ factor. It’s you on a good day, every day.

8. Potential for a patent
9. Lean & flexible business model, devised to maximise R&D ROI and minimise inventory risk
10. Growing customer waiting list
11. Raw materials and UK manufacturing sourced, tested & set up
12. Founder with solid success credentials brings decades of experience, high calibre collaborators, enviable contacts in the media & extensive global networks


                      Yr1              Yr2              
Revenue     811020      2201940     
Profit           316302        943448     




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